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Frequently Asked Questions

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Faq utilisateurs

On the user/inhabitant side

Here are the most frequently asked questions
  • Which mobile platforms are compatible with the illiwap application? 

    illiwap is available on IOS, Android and AppGallery.
  • How do I download the illiwap application on my smartphone?
    1/Go to GooglePlay, AppleStore or AppGallery.

    2/Type "illiwap" in the search bar of your store.

    3/Once the application is found, click on the "install" button.
  • Is the application paid? 

    The illiwap application is free for all users / inhabitants.
  • Do I have to create an account or enter my personal data?

    No, illiwap is an anonymous application that does not collect your personal data within the framework of the GDPR regulation.
  • What information should I expect to receive on illiwap?

    News and alerts from town halls and communities of municipalities to which you are subscribed. "Closure, registration, water cut, works, events, etc."
  • How do I subscribe to a municipality to receive information?

    After having searched for the municipality of your choice, it is necessary to click on "subscribe" to receive all the notifications of your municipality in real time.
  • How long are illiwap messages saved in my mobile application?

    All messages are automatically deleted after 30 days to ensure the seamless functioning of the application. Administrators can decide on an automatic deletion on the date of their choice.
  • More questions? 

    Write to us directly! 

For administrators / town halls / communities of municipalities

  • Is illiwap suitable for both municipalities and intermunicipalities? 

    illiwap is now used by both municipalities and intermunicipalities. 
    The sharing of communication tools for an intermunicipality and its member municipalities ensures a certain territorial coherence.
    In addition, the principle of shared citizen application is appreciated by residents who can receive information, alerts and events from all over the territory via a single application. 
  • What does the illiwap subscription include?
    The illiwap subscription includes the basic functionalities of the tool, maintenance, assistance, hosting and any additional options. 
    You can consult the list of our functionalities and options in the "Our solution" section of our website.
  • How do I log in to the illiwap administration interface?

    Each administrator connects to the illiwap administration interface via his email and a password.
    The administration interface is 100% online and therefore accessible from any browser and any medium (smartphone, tablet, computer). 
  • I forgot my password, what should I do?

    If you forget your password, you can use the "Forgot password" feature available on the login window of the administration interface.
  • More questions ?

    Write to us directly!
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